Will Brotherhood Prevail?

By The Prophet of Life

The Syrian Crisis is a good opportunity to ask the question: Will brotherhood prevail? It may seem an odd question to ask, because it seems like an impossibility but if no one raises the question, it won’t even enter into the conversation.

The Syrian Crisis has caused nations to line up on one side or the other with Chemical Assad being backed not by other Arab nations but by Russia and to some extent China. A look at Christian videos on You Tube shows an explosion of videos claiming we are in the midst of the dawning of World War 3, The Battle of Armageddon spelled out in The Book of Revelations.

The Syrian Crisis is a perfect time to ask this question because it punctuates the philosophical divide between Christianity and Islam, between governments which have a clear separation between church and state, governments where the line between church and state is a bit fuzzy and governments where there is no church at all.

All one has to do is read the comments on any video about the Syrian Crisis Violence in the Middle East and the divide and animosity is evident. While some who comment attempt to do so through a respectful dialog, many do it through name calling, casting aspirations, or by using racist language or statements. Will all of this animosity evolve into the epic war of Armageddon that is mentioned in The Bible?

There may be some limited fighting involved but no, nations will not go to full blown world war over this. The world will not end today, tomorrow, this year or anytime in any of our lifetimes or the lifetimes of our children or grandchildren. There is a lesson here however.

There are an awful lot of people out there who are ignorant of any culture outside of their own. Ignorance yields erroneous assumptions and beliefs that are based on dogma, not facts. All people try to make sense of the world Ignorant people are no exception but ignorance is a disease that is easily cured. Through study and acquisition of knowledge. Not knowledge about the other culture from the words and perceptions of your own culture, but knowledge from the words and perceptions of the culture you are studying.

The Lord has not provided revelations to only one group but to many. Understanding of God is so complex that humanity couldn’t comprehend it if it was revealed all at once. The Lord is revealed to humanity in increments over millennia.

No one group has a monopoly on God. Humanity is charged with finding a way for people of all faiths to respect each other enough to work together to solve problems humanity and this planet face. How are we doing on that account?

So, in answer to the question, Will brotherhood prevail, the answer is yes, it will prevail in time. The path to allow it to prevail is clear, knowledge conquers ignorance and allows brotherhood to prevail. Treat others with respect not just because they deserve it as an equal human being but because they can contribute to your knowledge base and to the knowledge base of humanity.  If we are smart, we will learn the lesson it is meant that The Syrian Crisis is meant to teach. Disrespect begets suffering and the nature of suffering is that the suffering will continue until the lesson is learned.

Let’s learn the lesson.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

Copyright 2012, 2013, Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.


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