How the Words of A Prophet May Have Defused World War 3

My name is Bill Pillz I am the webmaster to the You Tube channel dedicated to the video blogs of The Prophet of Life. There is so much fast breaking news on The Syrian Crisis that I had to get this down as it’s happening so that there is a timely chronicle of events that are now unfolding.

Today is September 9, 2013

There may be a break in the Syrian Crisis. This morning Bashar al-Assad, President of Syria went on American television stating that the U.S. had not shown any evidence that his government used chemical weapons. A short while later, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry when asked about what it would take to stop a military strike on The Assad Government is Syria stated: “He (Assad) could turn over every single bit of his chemical weapons to the international community in the next week — turn it over, all of it without delay and allow the full and total accounting (of it)…

Then The Russian Government seized upon the opportunity and proposed that Syria do just that, turn over all of its chemical weapons to the United Nations. A proposal that both Syria and U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon quickly accepted.

On September 3, 2013, The Prophet of Life gave me a video to blog to put up on thetrueprophetoflife You Tube video channel that suggested exactly what John Kerry said. It called upon U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to demand Syria turn over all of its chemical weapons in exchange for no air strikes from the international community. Here is the link: On September 5, The same blog in paper form was put on the Prophet of Life’s WordPress Blog Insight, the Blog of The Prophet of Life  Here is the link for that:

A member of Linked In, Theprophet Oflife is also a member of the White House Official discussion group on Linked In. It is moderated by people who work for President Barak Obama. On September 5, The Prophet of Life sent in a comment advocating this solution to The Syrian Crisis.

When asked about these developments, The Prophet of Life merely stated: “It looks promising, I pray that these events will culminate in a peaceful solution to the Syrian Crisis.”

Although he is modest, those of us who follow him, believe that this idea came from God and that

The Prophet of Life was given it now for a specific reason. While others foretold of this event as WW3 or the start of Armageddon, The Prophet of Life foretold that it was not. We too, hope that culminates in a peaceful solution to the Syrian Crisis. 


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