The Washington D.C. Navy Yard Shootings

By The Prophet of Life


A typical Monday morning. People are walking through the first floor atrium at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C. Two men chat about a project as they walk briskly. Another man smiles at a pretty girl walking in his direction. Another man takes a sip of a cup of coffee, a ritual that signals a farewell to the weekend and beginning of another work week.  Suddenly, shots ring out.

A man falls to the floor. People start running in all directions, some dive for cover. A security guard, noticing that the shots were coming from above, tells others to run out of the area as fast as they can. People in the building lock exterior doors to their offices and hide inside offices, some barricading doors.

Shots continue to ring out as military people and police converge on the building where the shots are being fired. Then, a policeman returns fire as the gunman shoots at him. The gunman is hit and falls to the ground. The 6’1” African American gunman is identified as Aaron Alexis, 34, of Fort Worth Texas, is lying dead with an AR15 Assault Rifle and shotgun nearby and a semi-automatic pistol at his side. He killed 12 other people and injured numerous others before the policeman’s bullet ended his shooting spree.

FBI officials couldn’t find him on any social media. Security cameras caught Alexis entering the building shortly before the shooting. There may be additional footage on other security cameras that were operating during the attack. There is very little information on Alexis including any links to terrorist organizations. Alexis’ motive for the shootings is presently unknown. There is footage of an African American male about 50 years of age, carrying a gun but it is uncertain if this is another shooter or someone coming to the rescue.

Alexis joined the U.S. Navy in 2007. He was a Avionics Electrician. While in the military he was awarded the Global War on Terrorism Medal and National Defense Service Medal. He also had some discipline problems while in the military. He was discharged in 2011. Alexia had two weapons related charges with law enforcement. One in 2004 for shooting the tires out on a car and one in 2010 for discharging a gun into his ceiling. Alexis sought help for mental issues with the Veternan’s Administrastion. He also had a run in with police in the weeks before the shooting spree, where he stated that he heard voices and felt people were following him and sending vibrations through his body preventing him from sleeping at night. He had been working as a sub contractor in the same building where he commited his shooting spree, about a week before the incident. Co-workers who remember him recall that he seemed to be on an even keel. This is America’s 119th mass shooting since President Obama first took office. We pray for the victims.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life


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