A One Man Revolution in the Catholic Church

By The Prophet of Life

   Editor’s Note: We congratulate Pope Francis on Being named Time Magazine’s Person of The Year for 2013.
When he first became Pope Francis gave the world a glimpse of things to come. He refrained wearing the ornate robes of the Papacy. He decided to shirk the opulent offices other popes lived and slept in and found more modest accommodations. When he visited other countries, he left the security of the vehicles made to protect him and went into the crowds of believers so he could interact with the faithful.

     In an important interview released today Pope Francis stated that The Church should put less stress on beaurocracy and ritual and more time on its direct interactions with its followers. He said that The Church should see God in everyone even those whose lives are a disaster or who are in the grip of addiction. He said it should be more welcoming to all. Although he did not say that women should be ordained as priests, he did say that women should play a role in important church decisions. He also stated that The Church should spend less time focusing on gays and abortion and said that he has not said much on these issues because The  Church has been obsessed with them when there a great many other issues those of faith are facing in their lives. Finally, he stated that The Church must not focus on doctrine, orthodoxy and a limited agenda of moral teachings or it could fall like a house of cards.

     We now have a unique situation where the head of a beaurocratic and some say, dogmatic organization is a free thinking individual. He will likely have detractors. He will likely meet with resistance. He is like a one man revolution in the Catholic Church. He is exactly what it needs. 

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life


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