Massacre In A Mall

By The Prophet of Life

It’s a quiet day. People in a mall are leisurely strolling looking in store windows, sipping on a soda, some are actually buying things inside of the stores.

Suddenly, two groups of gunman with scarves over their faces storm in from two different floors. They announce that Muslims should flee as non-Muslims would be targeted. They began shooting people, man in the head. People hide behind chairs, mannequins, or anything else they can get behind.  Soon police arrive and begin shooting at the gunmen.

After a running gun battle, the gunmen are barricaded up in a part of the mall with an unknown number of hostages. The President vows to make those responsible pay.

This could happen anywhere. But it just happened in Kenya. The Shabab, an Islamist militant group based in Somalia took credit for the attack. There are currently 39 dead and 150 wounded. The ages of the victims range from 2 to 78 years old. Our hearts go out to the victims. Terrorists like these are an insult to Islam.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life


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