North Korea Executes Members of a Pop Music Group

     By The Prophet of Life

     There was a very popular Pop Music Group in North Korea. With such hits as “I Love Pyongyang” and “Horse Faced Woman” the all-female Pop Groups Hyon’s band The Unhasu Orchestra, burned up the North Korean Music Charts. Young Kim Jong Um began dating one of the singers from the group and when his father Kim Jong Eel disapproved of the pairing he continued to date her in secret. After his father’s death Kim married the woman his current wife Ri Sol-ju. Another member, Hyon Song Wol was reported to be Kim Jong Um’s ex-girlfriend.

     Recently Kim Jong Um ordered the execution of several, possibly as many as 12 members of the Pop Group for, according to sources, “Engaging in pornography and selling it on the internet”. The group members were not tried but accused and executed by firing squad in front of members of their immediate family, who were then sent off to prison camp. Um’s wife was not accused of the crimes as the illegal activity supposedly happened after she left the group.  Some sources claim Kim Jung Um ordered the execution to protect his wife’s reputation.

     Whatever the reasons, being accused and executed without trial, violates international law and shows that those with absolute power are absolutely corrupted by that power. Kim Jong Um had a great opportunity to make North Korea into a welcome addition into the world community. This and his continued progress towards a nuclear bomb have made North Korea a Pariah State.  


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