How A Government Shut Down Affects Us

Depending on how long it lasts, a Government Shutdown would not immediately affect programs that are essential: Defense: soldiers and their pay, Public Safety: Federal police and firemen, Travel: TSA and Air Traffic Controllers, and The U.S. Postal Service. Many other things that the federal government provides would be affected in some way and some shut down entirely for the duration of the shutdown.

Social Security and Medicare Benefits will continue to be sent out but they could be late as fewer staff would be available to process them. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would have its staff curtailed and would be very limited in its ability in investigating disease outbreaks which could be potentially catastrophic.

Most routine safety inspections which protect all of us by insuring the quality of the food we buy would stop because The Food and Drug Administration would have to suspend them in a shutdown. Food and drug quality could suffer.Unsafe companies scheduled for inspections would continue to be unsafe because the Federal Occupational Safety Administration would stop workplace inspections except in cases of imminent danger. Unscrupulous companies could flood the markets with diseased and tainted food.Commercial Airlines will fly without the benefit of FAA safety inspections because the FAA will suspend them during the Shut Down. public safety in the air is at risk.

53% of all infants born in the United States would stop getting core foods like milk, formula and other nutritional foods, nutrition education and anemia screenings because the Supplemental Foods program for Mothers and their infant children called WIC, would shut down.2.5 million senior citizens who depend on the Senior Nutrition Grant would be cut off. Shut downs of both of these programs would result in malnutrition, illness and even deaths.  Many low to moderate income and first time homebuyers counting on an FHA loan will likely fall out of escrow because won’t underwrite or approve any new loans during the shutdown.

Federal Courts could operate as usual for ten days before furloughs would begin. Trials of Murders, rapists, drug kingpins and terrorists would be delayed, possibly causing some to be freed on violation of their sixth amendment right to a speedy trial.

All national parks, museums and landmarks would be closed, Staffing will be held to the very minimum to perform essential functions. About 70,000 employees will be furloughed. The communities that depend on tourism to the parks and monuments would have their incomes dried up. All told millions of federal workers will be furloughed.

If the Government Shut Down continues, even essential services will be cut back at the expense of safety and security at a time when world terrorism is on the rise. I haven’t even touched on the huge effect the Shut Down will have on the economy and the markets. All because a few selfish, short sighted, people want to make a point. When people tell you that the Government Shut Down is no big deal, don’t believe them. It’s only not a big deal if you are one of the 1%, or their mouthpieces who are sponsoring the Shut Down. The rest of us will be affected and many of us deeply.

In True Faith,

The prophet of Life

Copyright 2013 Love Force Internatioanl Publsihing. All Rights Reserved.


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