Jackson AEG Trial Shocker


The Prophet of Life


     The Verdict is in. The jury in the Katherine Jackson AEG Trial found that AEG was responsible for hiring Dr. Conrad Murray but that Dr. Murray was a competent Doctor. Since Murray was competent, AEG is not liable for the wrongful death of Pop Icon Michael Jackson. Many are stunned and left wondering why the jury came up with this verdict.

     Michael Jackson was a great singer and unparalleled performer. He was also a drug addict. He was a drug addict who doctor shopped going from doctor to doctor to satisfy his drug addiction. He became addicted to propofol. Propofol is most often used as an anesthesia to put people into an induced sleep for surgery. It is also used to relax those who are being executed by various States. A big part of Dr. Conrad Murray’s job was to help Michael Jackson get to sleep using propofol. Dr. Murray did this for Jackson dozens to times. Each time there was a risk of death. On one June night in 2009 the risk caught up with him.

     It is time for Jackson fans and the world to learn the lessons that Michael Jackson’s tragic, early death can yield. When someone battling addiction has the power, or money to choose a physician who gives them their drug of choice as often as they want it, death is a likely outcome. It happened to Elvis. It happened to Michael. How many other celebrities will it happen to before we get the message? 

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