The Government Shut Down : Week Two



The Prophet of Life

Week Two of the Government shutdown begins with both Republicans and Democrats still playing the blame game. There is no progress towards ending the shut down and the stalemate continues.

Meanwhile in the real world, WIC and Senior Nutrition grants are still unavailable. The FAA has stopped Safety Checks on planes and the National Transportation Safety Board has ceased putting out safety recalls on cars. The roadways and airways just got a lot more dangerous. Monetarily challenged Americans applying for home loans are still in limbo on closing escrow. Parks and landmarks are still closed. The FDA and Centers for Disease Control still have critical work stopped, The CDC has already illustrated this by being slow to respond to a salmonella outbreak that has affected people in 17 States and its inability to analyze and forecast the severity of a flu epidemic poised to hit the United States late Fall / early Winter. The payment of Death benefits and disability benefits to U.S. soldiers and their families for U.S.soldiers severly wounded and killed in action recently ended, though Congress will likely vote to begin them again. A large number of Federal workers are still on furlough. Congress has voted to give them back pay when they start working again and the Military is calling back a large number of civilian workers.

Wall Street has taken a hit but not a large enough one for anybody in the government to care. It will be hard to tell if the unemployment numbers are up because the branch of government that calculates that is shut down too. I’m sure the Park and Landmark closings and Federal workers without spending money is having some effect on the economy. Leave a comment and let me know if you know anyone who is affected by the Government Shut Down. 

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