The Government Shut Down Week Three

By The Prophet of Life

As week three of The U.S. Government Shut Down dawns America becomes increasingly unsafe. The FAA has stopped Safety Checks on planes and the National Transportation Safety Board has ceased putting out safety recalls on cars. The Military has suspended all training missions. WIC and Senior Nutrition grants are still unavailable, affecting one in five mothers and infants and about 2 million senior citizens in America. FDA and Centers for Disease Control still have critical work stopped, The CDC has already illustrated this by being slow to respond to a salmonella outbreak that has affected people in 17 States. This is a particularly nasty strain of antibiotic resistant Salmonella which severely sickens 40% of the people who contract it.  

More monetarily challenged Americans applying for home loans are still either in the dark about their future or have lost their dream home to someone who didn’t need the Federal guarantee on the loan to purchase their dream home. Parks and landmarks are still closed. Last week, a charity stepped in and paid Death benefits and disability benefits to U.S. soldiers and their families. An embarrassed Congress passed a bill to begin them again. A large number of Federal workers are still on furlough.

All of this is overshadowed by the deadline for the Debt Ceiling looming on Wednesday. This time, it’s the Democrats who are holding things up demanding Republicans agree to change the law that put in the sequester cuts, as Republicans argue that the Democrats can’t ask for changes in the Debt Ceiling law without accepting them for the law that created Universal Health Coverage for all Americans. A Republican demand for a change in that law is what caused the Government Shutdown 14 days ago.

If the Debt Ceiling isn’t postponed to a more distant date, or an agreement isn’t reached, the United States could begin defaulting on its debts. This will likely cause big problems in the U.S. Stock Market and could send shock waves throughout the world markets. This, in turn could cause a global recession. The world is already mad at the U.S. for causing the last recession by bundling artificially inflated mortgages and selling them to investors throughout the globe. Is Congress really going to allow the Debt Ceiling to come crashing down? If they do, perhaps its time for a strong third political party to emerge.




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