Reflections In The Teardrop Of A Child

By The Prophet of Life

Children are our greatest asset, our most valuable resource. Although crying can be a part of life, crying from a child can signify a trauma, that if left unattended can cause a scar that lasts for a lifetime. How many hurtful things happened to you in your childhood that still resonate with you today? We should all remember this when we are dealing with children.

This free verse poem written in 1982 gives some insight into the types of things my friends and I experienced growing up. Some of my friends were from my family, others from my foster homes but all are reflected by the teardrops in this poem.

Reflections In The Teardrop Of A Child

A broken scooter

A lost ball

A Teddy Bear

With the stuffing torn out

These are the things reflected

In the teardrop of a child

A spelling test marker “F”

A valentine wadded up and thrown away

A dark room

A nightmare

These too are reflected

A scraped knee

Belt marks on the backside

Cigarette burns on the arms

They are all there




A father without legs

A mother’s suicide

A brother missing in action

A sister lost to drugs and prostitution

A mugging

A Rape

A stray bullet

An entire city block

Leveled by artillery fire

These also can be found


A burning cross

A terminal disease

And all of the sickness and brutality of mankind

These are the ingredients,

The hurts

And horrors

That are reflected in the teardrop of a child

From The Kindle Book Reflections In The Mirror of Life:

Like us on Facebook: Copyright 1982, 2010 Love Force International Publishing. All Rights Reserved.


2 thoughts on “Reflections In The Teardrop Of A Child

  1. Heavy poem…definitely stays with you. Thanks for sharing

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