The World Sends Aid to The Philippines

By The Prophet of Life

Super Typhoon Haiyon with winds clocked over 200 MPH hit the Philippines hard. Estimates of the loss of life and displaced range to as many as 10.000 dead and close to 700.000 people displaced but those figures can move up or down once the statistics come in from remote areas where aid cannot reach. . It is a disaster that has the ability to devastate the Philippine economy and is unable to support the burden of recovering from damages inflicted by the typhoon.

Downed trees and debris clog major thoroughfares which would normally be used to bring in aid. Typhoon victims are literally living in the streets. To get water, people are digging up underground pipes and extracting whatever water remains in them. People are building makeshift shacks out of debris. Armed gangs roam the streets looting or targeting aid supplies. An armed gun battle with Philippine soldiers over some bags of rice left 8 dead.

Aid is on its way from all over the globe. The UNITED NATIONS Children’s Fund (Unicef) has donated $1.3 million worth of supplies. Aid has also come from nations in Europe, Asia and North and South America. People around the world are donating items and money for Typhoon Haiyon victims in their local communities. The International Red Cross with branches in most nations is also assisting the Philippine Red Cross.

Europe is helping the Philippines. The EUROPEAN UNION is donating EUR 3 million. In addition to that, DENMARK is giving KR 10 million, NORWAY, KR 20 million Great Britain is giving £6 million and $9.6 million worth of emergency support package Spain is giving in kind donations and The Netherlands are giving an undisclosed amount of Financial Aid. Even the VATICAN is donating $150,000. BELGIUM, HUNGARY and RUSSIA are sending medical and / or search and rescue and / or personnel and / or rapid response teams. Russia is also sending an air mobile hospital. Sweden is donating emergency communication equipment and Germany is donating 23 tons of relief materials.

Asia is also helping. AUSTRALIA is sending US$10 million package NEW ZEALAND, NZ $2.15 million, TAIWAN, $200,000, People’s Republic of China is sending 100,000 and SINGAPORE, $50,000. INDONESIA is offering in-kind donations, JAPAN is sending emergency relief medical teams and MALAYSIA is sending medical and search and rescue teams

The middle east is kicking in with UNITED ARAB EMIRATES sending Dhs 36 million, SAUDI ARABIA is sending – US$100,000, TURKEY is sending medics, a rapid response team, and search and rescue personnel ISRAEL is sending a team of medical, trauma and relief professionals.

North & South American Aid are represented by CANADA who sent C$5 million, The UNITED STATES which sent an initial $100,000 for water and sanitation; Troops, emergency respondents, transportation and equipment with more likely to come and CHILE which is sending humanitarian aid.

The Philippines suffered a major trauma in the aftermath of Super Storm Haiyon. I am sure that these are only initial responses and that more nations will join in. I urge everyone reading this to contribute in any way you can through your local community. It is up to us, as members of the human family to help the Phillipines and the people who live there to recover from this event.

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