The Family That Vanished !

By The Prophet of Life

They weren’t on a yacht that was devoured by a hurricane. Yet they vanished. They weren’t in a private plane that dropped off the radar in a remote area. Yet they vanished. They’re home wasn’t washed away in a flood, They weren’t on the run from the law and didn’t owe the mafia a bunch of money but they vanished, without reason and without a trace.

They lived in a sleepy suburb of San Diego California. Their home was discovered with what appeared to be all of the usually contents inside, no signs of forced entry or a struggle. Their dog was still there, unharmed. There were two bowls of mostly untouched popcorn in the living room and a couple of eggs on the kitchen counter. It seemed as though they had left in a hurry.

A police investigation began and in time their case was taken up by the FBI. The family didn’t appear to owe any money, other than normal household bills. They even had over $100,000 left, untouched in their bank account. Their car was found four days after their disappearance in a nearby town that borders Mexico. There was grainy footage of a mother, father and two boys passing through the border crossing but was it them?

With no other evidence, authorities ruled that the family had voluntarily left to live in Mexico.

Four years passed since the family vanished. Then, some skeletal remains were found in the Mohave Desert, off Hwy 15, by an off road enthusiast. When he called local police, an investigation began. Within three days, the area was excavated and the skeletal remains of four bodies were found in two shallow graves. A few days later, DNA evidence uncovered the identity of two of the bodies. They were identified as the father and mother of the family, Joseph and Summer McStay. The other two bodies have not been identified yet but they could be the McStay children Joseph Jr. and Gianni.

Now at least two of the four McStays have been found but the discovery leaves more questions than it answers. What happened to the McStays? How did their bodies end up over 200 miles away from their home? Are the other two bodies the McStay children? Why did the family disappear without a trace? Who knows the answers to these and more questions? One thing is certain, Joseph and Summer McStay didn’t dig the graves, put themselves in them and cover them up by themselves and if this could happen to them, could it happen to any family?

An Arrest in this case was made on November 7. 2014. San Bernardino County Sheriffs  arrested Charles Chase Merritt, “Business associate” of the Mc Stays was arrested in Victorville, California. According to Sheriff John McMahon all four of the Mc Stays, parents and little children, were murdered in their home and all four died of blunt force trauma.

When asked by reporters for a comment, Joseph Mc Stay’s father stated that the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department was incompetent. He further stated that the fact that another agency could take up the case after four years and find the murderer after San Diego Officials declared the family on permanent vacation in Mexico illustrates this.

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