11 Year Old Girl Dies After A Fight Over A Boy

By The Prophet of Life

In Long Beach California, an 11 year old girl, who got into a fight with another 11 year old girl died.

The fight was over a boy.

Authorities say no bullying was involved

Both girls agreed to meet after school at a particular place and fight

Both girls hit each other

Neither girl was knocked out or knocked down during the fight.

A few hours after the fight, one of the girls complained about a headache.

She was rushed to the emergency room

But died soon after getting there.

This tragedy is an example of the pointless stupidity of violence.

People who fight often let their emotions get carried away

They fight without knowledge of the medical condition of their opponent

It takes just one well placed blow to demonstrate the fragility of human life.

The girl who died had been attending acting workshops for Kids On The Porch, a children/teen internet series (slated to be a TV series in the near future) with plots around problems children and teen face including violence.

Her opponent may face homicide charges.

Now as a result, of this pointless fight, one girl is dead and the other could be facing criminal charges.

Even if she doesn’t serve time in jail she will have to live with the guilt of ending another life for the rest of her life.

The Lord has taught me that every life is precious and every life serves a purpose.

Even at their young ages both girls’ lives have already served a very powerful purpose

Through this tragedy, they have served the purpose of illustrating the stupidity of violence.

Some people learn from their mistakes.

Others avoid making mistakes by learning from the mistakes of others.

Let your children learn from this.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life.

Find me @ http://www.prophetoflife.com or on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/user/thetrueprophetoflife

Copyright 2012, 2013 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.


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