Fast and Furious Star Paul Walker Dies Suddenly

Actor Paul Walker known for his Brian O’Conner lead role in the Fast and Furious movie franchise died today December 1, 2013, after an afternoon car crash on November 30, in Valencia California. He had just left a benefit for Super Typhoon Haiyon victims hosted by his charity Reach Out Worldwid. Walker was the passenger in a car that crashed into a telephone pole and tree when the driver lost control. The car immediately burst into flames.

Walker’s acting career began as an infant doing Pampers commercials. A few years later he had roles in TV shows like Highway To Heaven, Who’s The Boss, Touched by an Angel and popular Soap Opera The Young & The Restless. His movie roles included Varsity Blues, Pleasantville, She’s All That, The Skulls and Flags of Our Father’s.

Walker lived in Santa Barbara California. He was 40 years old. 


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