What if…?

Part of the What if Conversations series…

between The Prophet of Life

And Humanity


What if there is more than one path to God?

What if all good people, no matter what their faith, can get into heaven?

What if all of the Prophets were really saying the same thing and when all of the things added on by their followers were stripped away, the essence of all of these messages is:

Love God, Love yourself, Love each other, help one another and care for this planet and all who dwell here.

What if humanity spent less time trying to save souls and more time trying to save lives and improve the overall quality of life for everyone, no matter what religion, or nation or culture or political ideology they were a part of?

What if all of the wars, and bombings and assassinations in the name of God, aren’t really about God at all?

If any of these things are true, how would that truth change your perception of God?

How would it change your perception of humanity?

How would it change your perception of your relationship with God and your fellow human beings?

And finally… What if all of these things are true?

I invite your comments.

Find out more www.prophetoflife.com

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