Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI & Resisting Arrest

Singer Justin Bieber was arrested and booked and sits in a Florida Jail awaiting arraignment on charges of DUI,  Speeding (Drag Racing), and resisting arrest after being pulled over by Florida Police during a drag race he was engaging in with R & B Singer Khalil.

Bieber failed a field sobriety test (DUI) and refused to take his hands out of his pockets after he was repeatedly ordered to by police officer (Resisting Arrest). At 19, Bieber is two years under Florida’s legal drinking age of 21. he reportedly just left a nightclub at 4:00 AM in a rented Lamborghini when members of his entourage closed off a residential street in Mianmi beach Florida so he could engage in the drag race against Khalil’s rented Ferrari.

Just last week Bieber was accused of egging a neighbor’s house. Bieber has reportedly addicted to a powerful cough syrup and pineapple Fanta for some time. What started out as typical teenage bad boy behavior has escalated and its possibly due to drug abuse. If Justin is addicted to any type of drug, it’s time to check into rehab. Play time is over. It’s time to grow up. Justin Bieber can still accomplish much in his life. Let’s just hope that he gets the help he needs so that his recent downward spiral becomes just a blip on his radar instead of a major roadblock to his success.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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