The Stinky Woman in The Store

Patricia and Irma were sisters in their early thirties. When Irma got married, she moved to the other side of the country. They were still close, keeping in contact by phone three times a week, but lack of finances prevented them from getting together. They hadn’t seen each other in ten years.

One day, Irma just showed up at Patricia’s doorstep. Patricia was thrilled beyond words. They hugged each other for what seemed an eternity. Patricia decided to take Irma to all the places they used to go to when they were growing up. They ate in their favorite restaurant, had desert at their favorite ice cream parlor and went bowling at the bowling alley where Irma met her husband.

Since Irma’s visit was unannounced, Patricia’s household was low on groceries. Patricia decided to take Irma to the supermarket they used to shop at. As they rolled up into the parking lot, they noticed that the name had changed. When they entered, they noticed that a lot of exotic looking people speaking a foreign tongue populated the market whose aisles Patricia and Irma had once frequented.

Patricia and Irma felt like they were out of place, surrounded by strange people. Patricia felt a bit nervous. But then, Irma found a brand of tuna they both liked and some other things that were familiar so they decided to shop there. After going down and aisle or two, Patricia noticed that an elderly exotic woman, dressed in exotic clothing. The woman was on a cell phone speaking a foreign language totally unintelligible to Patricia. The woman also had a lot of strange, exotic foods in her shopping cart. When Patricia moved to another aisle, the woman followed her.

After a couple of aisles of the woman following her, Patricia began to smell something really stinky. She asked Irma if she smelled it too. Irma said she did. Patricia reached up to get something off the top shelf. The woman did the same thing right next to her. Suddenly, Patricia was overcome with an extra strong burst of stink. She almost dropped what she was reaching for.

“Oh my goodness.” She shouted, “Something really stinks here, I think it’s our neighbor.” She said as she pointed towards the woman with her head.

Patricia blushed from embarrassment. Did the woman hear her? She told Irma “Some people need to watch what they eat.” The woman seemed oblivious. Patricia, emboldened by the woman’s lack of response tried again. “That old woman really needs some extra strength deodorant!” The woman just went on with her shopping as if she couldn’t understand a word of English.

This went on for the next few aisles. The woman continued to follow Patricia and Irma and Patricia continued to make comments about how much the woman stank. When their shopping was done, Patricia paid for the groceries. As she loaded the groceries into the car, Patricia noticed that the bad smell seemed to have gotten into the grocery bags, so she drove home with the windows down, hoping to give them a good airing out.

When they got home, Irma carried in the grocery bags and Patricia started putting the groceries away. As Patricia began putting some cans on a top shelf in her kitchen cabinet, Irma walked by with a bag of groceries. Irma stopped dead in her tracks.

“Freeze Patricia!” Irma shouted. Patricia froze. “Now, take a deep breath.” Irma continued.

Patricia did as she was told. She was overcome with that awful smell that plagued her in the store. She immediately realized that she was the stinky woman in the store, not the old woman who followed her.

Sometimes, Prejudices can sneak up on us when we least expect them.

The Prophet of Life

From the Kindle book “Slices of Life”.

Copyright 2010, 2011 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.


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