The Gospel According to Bieber: “God is on my side”.

     After being bailed out of jail, fresh off of his arrest for DUI and resisting arrest, Justin Bieber sent a heartfelt message to his fans thanking him for standing by him during his ordeal. He also stated that God is on his side. God is on his side when he tweeted a thank you to his fans and stated the God is with all of us.

     God is on everyone’s side. Sometimes when people have meteoric rises to stardom there is an internal battle for stability which can include acting out behavior, much like the bad boy behavior Justin Bieber has been exhibiting lately. It would, however serve him well to note that fame and fortune don’t equal any special “In’ with God.

     It would also serve him to know that invoking God after bad behavior may not be the wisest move. I don’t recall any biblical passages about Jesus doing something crass like peeing in a janitor’s cleaning bucket or egging someone’s house. Godly people don’t do things like that. Those who do should not invoke God in a way that makes them appear to be in God’s favor because bad behavior is not Godly.   

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