Bruno Mars Spectacular Superbowl XLVIII Half Time Show

Bruno Mars halftime show was heavily hyped as the concert of the year. It lived up to the hype. In a year of lackluster Grammy performances, Mars show was exciting from beginning to end. Opening with a choir of children then zooming into a solo drummer on a small platform just above the middle of the audience. The drummer appears to be Mars. Suddenly, the platform starts moving above the crowd. It moves towards the stage and then merges with it. Another Bruno Mars is waiting on stage with several members of his band braking into “Locked Out Of Heaven”> It becomes obvious that the drummer on the mini stage was not Bruno but his lookalike brother Eric Hernandez.
Then Mars, Dressed in a gold jacket broke into “Treasure”. He then broke into a James Brown song and even broke out with James Brown dance moves that actually looked like a cross between a young James Brown and Michael Jackson. The Red Hot Chili Peppers then burst onto the scene Anthony & Flea topless (In the very cold night). Bruno joined them on “Give It Away” both the Chili Peppers and Bruno & his entire band jumping around on stage in sync. Then, as the dulcet tones of “Just The Way You Are” while U.S. soldiers gave dedications to their loved ones, before Bruno broke into that song. Which closed with fireworks.
Pop Superstar Bruno Mars Dedicated his performance at the Super Bowl XVLIII Half Time Show to his late mother. Last week at the Grammy Awards Bruno Mars Won a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album dedicated the Grammy to his mother. Bernadette Hernandez, Mother of Grammy Award Winning Singer, Songwriter Bruno Mars Died Suddenly in June 2013.She died of a brain aneurysm at a hospital in Honolulu Hawaii. Ms. Hernandez, who was originally from the Philippines, was credited with nurturing young Bruno’s musical interest. The loss of one’s mother, especially at a young age, is one of life’s greatest difficulties. Bruno grieved over the death for some time. In Memory of Bruno’s mother and as a dedication to all mothers, the video link below is a tribute to mothers everywhere.

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