Folk Singer Pete Seeger Dead at 94

Pete Seeger was a well known Folk singer who actually helped change the world. He was known primarily for protest songs popular during the 1960s. He co authored such folk classics as “Where Have All The Flowers Gone”, “If I Had A Hammer” and “Turn, Turn, Turn”. He was in the popular folk group The Weavers until it was disbanded in 1953 due to the McCarthy era blacklist

In the 1960’s he was involved with the American Civil Rights Movement. He was one of the folk singers credited with popularizing the anthem of the movement “We Shall Overcome” and is credited with changing the lyric on the song (originally titled ‘We Will Overcome”) to We Shall Overcome which helped the song gain popularity.

Seeger influenced many popular singers including Bruce Springsteen, Dave Mathews and John Mellencamp. He was a popular fixture at protests and was even at  Occupy Wall Street at age 92. Pete Seeger died last night.

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