Winter Olympics Scandal YogurtGate

By The Prophet of Life 

The 2014 Winter Olympics haven’t even started and they are already tainted by scandal. The Russian Government is refusing to allow U.S. made yogurt to be imported into the hands of the U.S .Olympic Team. A U.S. Senator has weighed in on the subject by filing a formal complaint with the Russian Embassy. As the plot thickens so does the yogurt which is stuck at an airport in New Jersey awaiting a visa from the Russian Government.

The yogurt at the center of the scandal is Chobani Greek Yogurt, which despite its European sounding name is made in America, New YorkState to be exact. The U.S. Senator weighing in on Yogurt Gate is Charles Schumer. He is the Senator for the State where the yogurt is made. Adding spice to the mix is the fact that Chobani is a sponsor of the U.S. Olympic Team.

 “This protein-packed, New York-made food has met a serious roadblock in the Russian government, thanks to an unreasonable customs certificate, and they will not allow the yogurt into the country,” said Schumer in a press release on this issue of international importance.

 It’s comforting to know that, on a slow news day, in a world where one out of seven people go to bed hungry, the news media gives so much attention to an argument over yogurt and Olympic athletes.

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