The Most Famous Child Star in the World Dies

By The Prophet of Life

 Shirley Temple Black, better known by her stage name of Shirley Temple was a film star of epic proportions.  By Age seven she was the biggest star at 20th Century Fox Films and had 19 writers working exclusively on projects for her. Films featuring Temple were usually uplifting and optimistic. They were what the world needed at the time and were huge box office successes.

 In 1935, Shirley was at the height of her fame. The world had been in the grips of a depression for several years and people all over the globe marveled at the little girl who could sing, dance and act. Shirley Temple movies were the ultimate escapism for movie goers of that era.

 People who were not alive in those days can’t even imagine how famous Shirley Temple was. Her fame surpassed the fame of any three superstars of her time and today. Unlike many superstars of today, her stardom was without arrests, rehab or scandals. When she was seven, she received a special academy award (Oscar). Her image was heavily merchandised on everything from dishware to clothing and of course, every little girl had to have a Shirley Temple doll. She had merchandising or endorsement deals with Wheaties, The Quaker Oats Company, General Electric and Packard automobiles. A song she sang in a film (“On The Good Ship Lollipop”) sold 500,000 copies of sheet music in a couple of weeks.

 Shirley’s fame faded as she reached her teen years. She appeared in a few films here and there but never had a big comeback. Shirley survived the loss of her child star status and still appeared in films and television on occasion. She did have a career as a diplomat. She was the U.S. Ambassador to Ghana and to the Czech Republic. She was also on the Board of Directors of several powerful corporations including Bank of America, The Walt Disney Company, Del Monte Foods, and Non Profit UNESCO.

 Shirley Temple Black may of faded from stardom but her star never faded. Her fruitful life came to an end this week. She died in her sleep of natural causes. She was 85.

 Copyright 2014 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.


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