Insight into The Crisis in The Ukraine

 By The Prophet of Life


The Crisis in the Ukraine intensified as the former Ukrainian President had escaped safely into the protection of Russia, Russia moved into The Crimea after engineering a “succession vote”. This all happened after, what seemed at the time to be a small story, Gunmen in military uniforms took control of two Ukrainian airports in the Crimea. Then, 11 Russian Military Helicopters crossed into Ukraine and sme of them dropped off an unknown cargo at one of the airports. Military tactics usually dictate taking over airports to secure a landing site for an invasion. such was the case here. Russian troops were also running military maneuvers on the border with Ukraine, something the Russian army did just before they marched in and quelled problems in the Georgian Republic.

My exact words on February 20th were, Don’t be surprised if this is The beginning of a Russian attempt to take back The Crimea, take back the eastern half of Ukraine, or re-install deposed Ukrainian President Yanukovich either in Eastern Ukraine or as President in the entire nation. This move could have been foreshadowed at a Press Conference where Yanukovych said that he was illegitimately stripped of his Presidency and he would continue fighting for Ukraine but wouldn’t return until his safety was secured.

This is Russia’s first major reaction to the result of a deal worked out between former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and EU Ministers allowing for new elections in the nation that has been under Russian influence for centuries. The deal was the result of the global spotlight on massive protests in Kiev over President Yanukovych’s unilateral decision to stake Ukraine’s future on a continued partnership with Russia when The protesters and those they represent prefer a future as members of the European Union (EU) and desire a popular election to determine Ukraine’s fate as opposed to a unilateral decision by a sitting President.

After the deal between Yanukovych and the EU Ministers, the Ukrainian Parliament voted to dismiss Yanukovych from office then later to charge him with murder in the deaths of nearly 100 protesters. Opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko was also freed from prison. He went directly from a prison hospital bed to a stage at Independence Square to address tens of thousands of protesters encamped there for months.

The significance of the Crisis in the Ukraine is that a popular movement of a massive number of ordinary citizens was able to affect a change in a nation where change, historically moved at an extremely slow pace, when it moved at all.There were over 100 deaths in the week acceptance of a deal Between Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and Opposition Leaders brokered by EU ministers The protests and unrest in the Ukraine have been alarming nations all across the globe. The protests may be a relatively new phenomenon to the Ukraine but dissatisfaction and bloodshed are not. To fully understand the reasons behind the unrest one needs to look at the history of the Ukraine.

 The Ukraine got its independence in 1990. Since independence The Ukraine has had continuous squabbles between the Russian speaking, pro-Russian Eastern half of the nation and Ukrainian speaking pro-Western Europe western half of the nation. The elections of 2004 saw power held by a pro Russian President. The 2010 election yielded the same President but by a much smaller margin punctuating the division between the eastern and western half of the nation.  In 2014 that President, Mr. Yanukovych, declared that he would continue economic and political ties with Russia instead of Working towards joining the European Union (EU). That is when the protests began.

 The protests are confined to the Western half of the Ukraine. This is where all of the protests are. This is where the government buildings are being occupied by the opposition. Unfortunately for the pro Russian President, the nation’s capital is in Kiev, which is in the western half of the Ukraine. Independence Square which has been occupied by opposition party protesters for several months is also in Kiev. The protests have erupted into violence and state police have answer with bullets. A truce was reached and violated. More police and protesters were killed. There is a possibility that The Ukraine could erupt into an actual, full scale civil war.

 There have been people living in the Ukraine since ancient times. Slavic peoples were first recorded as being there in the 7t century AD. During the 1400’s the area was dominated by nearby principalities of Lithuania and Poland. The Khans, or Mongolian based rulers who took over the area of the Ukraine which is on the Black Sea under Genghis Khan in the 1200’s.  By the late 1400’s the Ottoman Empire (Which is based in Turkey) took over the shoreline region.

 In the 1600’s a group of Ukrainians, tired of harsh polish domination established themselves in a separate part of the Ukraine. They set up a military order and became what we know today as the Cossacks. They waged successful campaigns against their Polish rulers but couldn’t beat them alone. They sought and received help from another principality to the east, Muscovy (Near Moscow). Together the Cossacks and Muscovites beat the Polish Lithuanians. Muscovy then set up a State (Russia) in which the Ukraine received independence but as years passed, the Muscovites asserted increasing control over the Ukraine. The Ukraine then made a treaty with Poland in an attempt to throw off Russian domination and another war began and Russia & Poland made a truce, thereby dividing the Ukraine with Russia taking over one half and Poland taking over the other. A much smaller Cossack State remained under Russian domination. The Cossack leader joined with Sweden in another war against Russia but the Cossack / Swede army was defeated by Czar Peter 1.

 There were several other attempts to achieve Ukrainian independence including one that was part of the widespread European nationalist revolutions of 1848. The Russian army crushed it and gave a part of the Ukraine to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. There was another in the late 1800’s, still another during the Bolshevik Revolution, the era after World war one and even in Stalinist Russia but they were all crushed by the Russian Army. Russia eventually took back the sections of the Ukraine given or taken by the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires. Ukraine was established as a republic within the Russian Federation.

 During World War 2, The Ukraine was over-run by the Nazis. The Ukrainians, who initially looked at the Nazi’s as liberators collaborated with them  Harsh treatment of Ukrainians by the Nazis during occupation caused many Ukrainians to rebel against both the Nazis and the Russians. After World War 2 many Ukrainians became partners with the Russian Government in being part of the political machine that governed Russia (Russian Premier Leonid Brezhnev was born in the Ukraine), there was still strong nationalist sentiments.
After centuries of struggle, these sentiments were fulfilled when Ukraine became an independent nation at the fall of the Soviet Union. While half of the nation is fiercely independent, speaking Ukrainian, the other half speaks Russian and has strong ties to Russia. Until these two halves of the nation can find a way to put aside their differences for the sake of unity, there will always be unrest.

 For a powerful and potent peaceful solution to the Crisis in the Ukraine, read my article “A Peaceful Solution to the Crisis in the Ukraine”. or to view a video with music version of it follow this link:

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