A Peaceful Solution to The Crisis in the Ukraine

By The Prophet of Life

Editors Note: When I first wrote this article many months ago, I suggested that Applying sanctions to Russia would bring the nation to its knees. Now, that is what has happened.
Russia has annexed the Crimea. They then sent paramilitary troops in to occupy government buildings in Eastern Ukraine just as they did in The Crimea. When Ukraine threatened to send in troops to de-lodge the occupying forces, Russia threatened military retaliation.

As I told you would happen in my article on the Crisis in the Ukraine on February 20, The Russians have invaded a part of the Ukraine. Russia will now do one of the three things I predicted in that article. The question now is: What will the EU and the U.S. and the U.N. do to counter Russia?

We live in a global society. International trade is the lifeblood of every nation’s economy. Gone should the days when a big nation can invade a smaller one just to get what they want. We are not baby’s in a sandbox prey to a bully. If Russia can get away with taking back The Ukraine, what’s to stop China from taking back Taiwan? This invasion has more repercussions than the future of Ukraine.

Military action is out of the question. Military action is expensive, costs lives and frankly, isn’t necessary. Economic sanctions are a stronger possibility. Western nations are pushing the U.N. to isolate Russia through the International Monetary Fund (IMF) but that may not be enough.

I propose making Russia an Economic Pariah State. This can be done by doing five simple things. First, remove Russia from SWIFT. SWIFT is the world’s largest electronic banking firm. It dominates international money transfers and electronic banking between 209 nations. Second, threaten to remove any nation doing business with Russia from Swift and the IMF, making all debts due and payable immediately. Third, freeze Russia assets in all other nations. Fourth, cut their embassies off from internet, Wi-Fi and electronic banking. Fifth, don’t allow their ships to dock on any port or their airplanes to land in any airport.

Mr. Putin needs to be taught a lesson. If creating economic hardship for the Russian people is a consequence, then so be it. If Mr. Putin loses credibility with the people of his own nation, he will have to abandon his fool hearty dream of reassembling the old Soviet Union or lose his power.

This proposal may seem harsh to some but it is necessary. Making Russia an Economic Pariah Nation would send a chill through any nation having desires to invade a weaker nation just because they can. We have a global economy. There are very few things that should cause us to make a nation and Economic Pariah Nation but developing a nuclear weapons program and invading another nation should be two of them.

Copyright 2014 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.


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