New Debris Find May Be From Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 but It May Not Solve The Mystery

By The Prophet of Life

Debris found from a Boeing 777 on the French Island of Reunion is being shipped to France for further study. Investigators need to try and find serial numbers or other info that may tie the debris to Malaysian Flight 370. Even if investigators determine that the debris is, in fact from flight 370, it may not solve the mystery of where exactly the flight went down.

Debris found on the shore of and just off the coast of Reunion, a French island in the Indian Ocean could be from Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 which disappeared somewhere in the Indian Ocean in March of 2014. The debris found was parts of a Boeing 777 flaperon.

A flaperon is a combination of two devices, flaps, which can be lowered and ailerons which can be raised. Modern aircraft allow pilots to control sets of flaperons to help stabilize a plane. Flaperons work as the control surface on the wing of a plane which can be lifted or lowered to help control the aircraft and keep it from rolling.

The reason this particular debris is significant is that experts have determined that it was from a Boeing 777. Only 5 of the planes missing were Boeing 777’s. The flaperons can be traced by a serial number to see if they are from Malaysian Flight 370.

A couple of weeks after the plane went missing rescue teams kept hearing pings from what experts say are consistent with an airline black box in the Southern Indian Ocean. As of this time, none of them have yielded actual proof that the debris are from flight 370. It is important that searchers find the wreckage of flight 370 soon because winter is about to set in and with it rough seas that will likely thwart any hopes of finding the plane. If the black box is pinging, it will soon reach the lifespan of sending out signals, if it already hasn’t.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 left Kuala Lumpur and within a few hours, disappeared without a physical trace. At first, authorities believed it crashed somewhere between Kuala Lumpur and its destination Beijing China. A score of nations scrambled ships and airplanes to look for wreckage or survivors. Neither were found

If it did crash, there would be wreckage somewhere. None has been found. Theories began to emerge. Perhaps the plane was high jacked for either political reasons or to make a terrorist statement (a suicide mission). Perhaps like Flight 93 on 9/11, passengers took back the plane but didn’t know how to fly it or the pilot flew it straight into the sea at top speed which could make the plane leave most if not all of its debris below the ocean surface, thwarting attempts to find it. This would especially be true if it happened where an undersea mountain range or canyon is located.

Other theories believe that the plane was high jacked and taken to an undisclosed location. The passengers may be being held for ransom. I had thought of a completely different possibility, and term to go with it, Air Piracy but if the debris are in fact from Malaysian Flight 370 that would likely rule out that theory.

Air Piracy is when a plane is taken by Air Pirates, in mid-flight to be sold. Airplanes are worth a lot of money, especially jetliners. It could have also been taken so it could be used for a nefarious mission at a later date. The passengers would merely be extra baggage. It may sound cold. It may sound cruel. It is, however, a possibility and should be looked into.
Even if the plane had crashed, why was its tracking and monitoring equipment turned off? Or were they? The only thing we know for sure is that the mystery of what really happened to Flight 370 continues and it has grown into one of the greatest mysteries in aviation history.

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