Big Foot Captured!


Weaver Point WA-   In a remote section of forested Washington State Novice Big Foot Hunters Josh Spelling and Bill Sutter made the catch of a lifetime. They captured a living Big Foot.

The pair had spotted a family of bigfoot foraging in the remote area and set a trap for them. The novice hunters set a bigfoot trap by digging a 20 foot deep hole and padding it with a whole bunch of leaves. They covered it with an old bay window frame with cotton mesh.

They set 11 similar traps all around the vicinity and checked them regularly. The pair was surprised when they found a young Bigfoot, approximately seven feet tall at the bottom of one of the holes.

“As we approached the trap we heard a horrible noise, half growl and half scream Said Spelling, “and the smell almost knocked me off of my feet.” He continued.

“We checked the trap, and found the little one in it.” Said Sutter “Now we just got to figure out how to get him out of the hole..”

In a totally unrelated story, the Easter Bunny has been spotted hopping on a trail in Sandy Utah. It was yelling “Happy April Fools!”

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