Fiery Bus Crash Kills Students and Adults

It’s 5:40 P.M. you are a teenager from Southern California on a chartered bus heading up to visit a university Northern California.  Suddenly a big rig crashes into the front of your bus at full speed! The Impact sends you forward. Your head bangs into the seat in front of you. Disoriented, you look up a notice smoke filling the inside of the bus. You know you’ve got to get out but the smoke is coming from the front of the bus where the exit is! You begin kicking at the window until it smashes out. You jump out, spraining your ankle as you hit the ground. You see a lot of other kids breaking open windows. You watch helplessly as the bus bursts into flames. People are still indie of it!

This is what it was like to be on the chartered tour bus that was taking 19 students and three adult chaperones to visit Humboldt State University. A nearby California Highway Patrol Officer saw the smoke and fire and called in Emergency Response Teams, arrived at the scene and began helping the injured.

The big rig that crashed into the Silverado Tours bus was a Fed Ex Truck carrying packages. In the end 10 people were dead including both the driver of the Fed Ex truck and the driver of the bus, 3 adult chaperones and five of the students. Some of the students were from the Los Angeles Unified School District and a few smaller districts from California. It is unclear why the big rig drove into the path of the tour bus and collided with it head on.

Our hearts go out to the victims and their families. This incident illustrates the fragility of human life. One minute you are on your way to visit somewhere, the next minute you are involved in a fiery crash. It happens that quickly. This incident also illustrates why we should savor and enjoy every minute because we never know which minute will be our last.


In true Faith,

The Prophet of Life

Copyright 2014 Love Force International Publishing. All Rights Reserved.


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