Mystery of The Severed Human Head Found Near The Famed Hollywood Sign May Have Finally Been Solved.

By The Prophet of Life

In January 2012 two ladies walking their dog in Los Angeles Griffith Park their dog picked up a plastic bag, shook it repeatedly, something the dog did often. The ladies were shocked and grossed out when a severed human head fell out of the bag. Soon over 100  police officers and fire fighters were on the scene searching for a body. They found two severed feet and two severed hands.

 Lab identification yielded that the head belonged to a man who was a retired airline ticket agent. His live in boyfriend had reported him missing the day before . The boyfriend became the center of the investigation when it was discovered that the body had been dead for a couple of weeks and he was only reported missing the day before the head was found.

The boyfriend was recently arrested for the murder.  He was arrested in San Antonio Texas where he had moved shortly after the head was discovered. The trial is due to begin in the near future. 


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