U.S. Charges Chinese Military Officers with Cyber Crimes

By The Prophet of Life

The Department of Justice in the United States of America did something unprecedented. They charged Military Officers from The People’s Republic of China (PRC)  with Cyber Crimes, including cyber spying.  This move embarrassed the Government of the PRC who was caught with its pants down. The Military Officers were charged with hacking into American Nuclear, metal and solar companies to steal trade secrets.

The five military officials include Sun Kailiang, Wang Dung, Huang Zhenyu, Wen Xinyu, and Gu Chinhui who work for Unit 61398 of the People’s Liberation Army, hacked into five U.S. Corporations including Westinghouse, Alcoa and Toshiba USA.

The victims had all filed unfair trade claims against their Chinese rivals, helping Washington draw a link between the alleged hacking activity and its impact on international business. According to the indictment, Chinese state-owned companies “hired” Unit 61398. The Shanghai-based Unit 61398 was identified last year by cyber security firm Mandiant as the source of a large number of espionage operations. According to U.S. Officials, Unit 61398 has hundreds of active spies and is just one of dozens of such bodies in the PRC.

“When a foreign nation uses military or intelligence resources against an American executive or corporation to obtain trade secrets or sensitive information for the benefit of its state-owned companies, we must say, Enough is enough.” U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder stated forcefully at a news conference.

PRC Officials immediately denied the charges stating that they were “Absurd”. Chinese officials further stated that these actions by the U.S. will have “Consequences”.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that the PRC would suspend the activities of a U.S.-China working group on cyber issues established in April 2013 after the Snowden NSA leaks caused China to accuse the NSA of infiltrating Chinese companies as well as government offices. The original group produced little tangible progress even before leaks.

Let’s not kid ourselves, cyber spying goes on all the time. Individual hackers steal selfies from teen girls. Bands of hackers hold individuals private files hostage. Corporations hack into each others files. Nations spy on each other. The difference is, America is bold enough to put names and faces to some of the players and indict them for their crimes albeit in absencia. Will The PRC actually do anything to the men charged in the indictment? Probably not. Their lives are now open season and at the mercy of hackers worldwide and that alone may serve a sort of ironic justice.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life






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