Russian Leader Putin Speech, Conciliatory or Full of Crap?

By The Prophet of life

     Russian President Vladimir Putin made a seemingly conciliatory remark in a speech he gave before the SPIEF economic conference in St. Petersburg Russia. Stated that Russia will recognize whatever government is elected in the Ukraine. In the speech he also said that The West decided to make Ukraine a part of NATO but that Russia was never consulted about that. He further stated that The West’s position is that Russia had no business in the affairs of Ukraine. This is likely because the Russians view Ukraine as a puppet satellite state and Ukraine views itself as a govern nation.

      There are many who will tell you that the speech is a signal that Western economic sanctions have worked but that isn’t the case. Western economic sanctions have been too weak to cause Russia to cave on this issue. In the speech, Putin mused that if Ukraine joins NATO, they are likely to put Missiles on its border with Russia. He also stated that he hopes military actions in Ukraine are stopped. Clashes between Ukrainian National Soldiers and Russian Separatists in Eastern Ukraine continue.

     With the bogus Eastern Ukraine Succession vote just passed and the national Presidential elections about to take place Putin is likely banking on a finding a reason for further splitting off Eastern Ukraine from Western Ukraine and a justification to roll Russian troops into Eastern Ukraine to support the Russian Separatist elements there.

      Putin declared that an all out civil war as the one that happened in Odessa was averted in the Crimea because Russia annexed it. He will likely use the same argument to annex part or all of Eastern Ukraine. If the United States had used that lame argument and annexed every nation that it rolled troops into to stabilize it would have doubled in territorial size. Perhaps Russia is doing just that, trying to increase its territorial size and will use whatever argument, no matter how pathetic or lame, to do it.

      Wake up World Press, Russia isn’t giving into the weak sanctions imposed upon it, it is jockeying for position in the Ukraine territorial give-away. They will keep on doing it all over Europe until they are taken off of swift and become an economic pariah nation. Until that happens, better turn on your lie detectors every time Mr. Putin makes a speech.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

Copyright 2014 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.

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