Why We Remember D-Day

     Seventy years ago today, 150,000 allied soldiers from various nations stormed a series of French beaches to gain a foothold on the European continent They were there to begin to loosen the grip of Nazi domination that had held the European Continent in bondage for four years. Two days later, with many casualties behind them, Allied forces established a beachhead and pushed further inland.

     The invasion force launched from England. All of the troops had literally been hidden there for months waiting for the right time to cross the channel and begin the invasion. The Germans believed that an invasion was imminent they just weren’t sure where it would land. General Rommel, famous for his Panzer Tank Divisions was charged with fortifying the entire coastline of Europe. He built a sophisticated series of artillery implacements and pill boxes. He put mines and barb wire on the beaches. All of these things slowed down the invading allied soldiers. All of these things inflicted heavy casualties. None of these things stopped them.

     Within months, allied forces were entering Germany. My uncle, who was a member of the U.S. Military Intelligence Unit often told of when they were first informed that U.S. forces had entered Germany. They got a coded communication from General Patton “Pissed in the Rhine”. In less than a year, the war in Europe was over. Hitler was dead. The Nazi stranglehold was broken, hopefully forever.

    We mark today as important because every story has to begin somewhere. The story of the liberation of Continental Europe began on a series of beaches in France seventy years ago today. We mark this day to honor the survivors, to honor the fallen and remember their sacrifice and especially, what the reason for that sacrifice was. We remember this history, so that history will not repeat itself.


In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

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