Who Will Teach Our Children?

By The Prophet of Life

A Judges ruling in the Vergara case may make teacher tenure in California Unconstitutional. Financed  by an organization run by a buddy of the billionaires trying to control public education in California and fronted as a defense of student rights to an equal education, this is just the latest in an onslaught against public school teachers, and a money grab by corporations to grab up public education dollars for themselves. 

      Teaching was once a well respected profession in America. The hours were long, the work was hard and the students always show their respect at least there was job security.People went into teaching to make a difference, to help build the future and to have a profession that they could be proud of and retire from.

     Now, older, good, professional teachers are being forced to retire early. Younger, newer, good, professional teachers are being laid off. Many of them spend years of their lives getting an AA, a BA and one or more teaching credentials. Some even get a masters or work to become national board certified before either being laid off or leaving to find a more secure profession due to constant annual threats of being laid off.

     The Charter Movement has put pressure on an already financially struggling public education system and replaced public schools with charter schools that pay teachers even less than public schools. Corporate Charter Schools get waivers for a lot of the rules, regulations and laws public school districts must follow. While most public schools beg parents to show up for back to school night, Corporate Charter Schools can require parents to participate. They can get away with bending things put in place to insure equal access for all.  They can hold school without fully servicing special education students. They can take poor learners in at the beginning of the school year, get the money generated by them and then kick them out them right before the state testing. The public schools must accept them, test them and add their low scores to their school’s average.  Corporate Charter Schools can get new teachers and work them countless extra hours without compensation. Teacher turnover in charter schools is extremely high and most teachers leave after one year but some hang on for up to three years. .

      Kids in college, who have a choice, can choose an insecure, low paying job as a teacher or pick an insecure corporate job at three times the starting salary.  In many teaching programs across America the enrollment is down to 25% of what it once was. Is it any wonder why enrollment in education as a major is so low in universities?

     Within 5-10 years we will begin to see headlines like “Who Will Teach Our Children? School districts have tried convincing people with degrees in engineering to teach math or science to go into teaching. Most of them have few teaching skills and often can’t control the students that are in their charge. Programs like Teach For America unpaid training but  cannot guarantee a job at the end of the program.

     A Superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, the Nations second largest public school district recently stated that the ideal teacher would be someone who comes and works for 3-5 years and then leaves the profession. It takes at least six years of college to land a teaching job and many states don’t accept teachers who are not fully credentialed BEFORE they teach their first class. 

     School districts try and import teachers from third world nations. They get the U.S. Government to grant special visas because immigrant teaching professionals are in a priority field. Many of them soon realize that they have gone from a culture of respect for teachers to one of student empowerment. The ones who are good get little chance to succeed as students file complaints against them because they cannot understand them through their accents. Students who cannot understand their teachers because of their accents miss a lot of what they are supposed to learn. As a result they do poorly on tests and test scores plummet.

     The future for public education looks bleak. In time, teaching may well change from a profession to a place people who are out of work gravitate towards until something better comes along. The best and brightest will choose other, higher paying professions. Whne that happens, in 5-10 years, America will be asking, Who will teach our children? 

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