Shot Down: The Downed Malaysian Airliner

By The Prophet of Life

Malaysian airlines flight 17 was shot down over the Ukraine all 298 passengers were killed. The Plane crashed in Russian Separatist Rebel held Eastern Ukraine U.S. President Obama claimed today that the plane was shot down by a Surface to Air Missile (SAM) launched from the rebel held section of Eastern Ukraine. Obama further stated that the separatists had to be trained to use the SAM launcher and suggested that the Separatists were trained in Russia. He further stated that regional conflicts should not prevent or interfere with a thorough investigation by qualified international personnel. At least one American is among the passengers.

This event could signal an escalation in the battle for Eastern Ukraine which Russia wants to bring back as a Russian Satellite State. An increase in weaponry has been flowing into Eastern Ukraine to arm Russian Separatists. It is possible that Russia is so adamant about taking back Eastern Ukraine because it represents Russia’s only ice free ports which can be used to import food to feed the Russian people during winter. The whole crisis began when the Ukrainian President left office due to riots in Western Ukraine which wants to join the European Union, thereby freezing Russia out of a lot of business opportunities and possibly the ports it leased from Ukraine which Russia took back when it invaded The Crimea.

Look for signs that Ukrainians on both sides to be nothing more than pawns of Russian and EU desires. Expect the bloodshed to increase. Consider this an introduction into the new world order. Almost 300 people, many of them on their way to an AIDS Conference, were brutally ripped out of the sky. Their families will never see them again, never be comforted by them, never be strengthened and supported                                                         by them. Their friends and co-workers also be saddened, will remember them but move on. Their contributions to the world will be left incomplete. As sad as this is, It is how the world community will remember them that is the saddest. The tragedy of the downed airliner and its passengers is that they will not be remembered for all the lives that were lost but as another signpost in the freezing of East / West relations. That is the real tragedy.

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