The Truth about the Ebola Virus

By The Prophet of Life

At the time of this writing parts of Africa are experiencing the biggest Ebola Epidemic since it was first discovered. The Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976. The virus is carried by bats and transmitted to any animal or humans the bat bites or in the case of fruit bats, fruit the bat bites or animals that eat pieces of things bats bite.  Humans can get it by coming into contact with infected animals.

The disease starts to show up 10-25 days after infection occurs. Once the disease is contracted it is spread through bodily fluids or contact with items infected by bodily fluids.  The disease begins with flu like symptoms, replicates itself and redistributes fluids by emitting them through mucous membranes and internal bleeding also occurs. Ebola causes death in 50-90% of cases. There is no cure. Treatment is often nothing more than balancing electrolytes and fluids in the body to counter dehydration caused by the virus’ redistribution of fluids.  Antibiotics are also used to treat secondary infections.

Since Ebola is spread through human populations by contact with bodily fluids, keeping a hygienic environment is very important. Continuous disinfection and sterilization of the environment is a must. Those who survive Ebola range from a quick and total recovery to long term muscle / joint pain, skin peeling and hair loss to eye problems that range from sensitivity to light to permanent blindness.

Survivors can transmit Ebola in some bodily fluids up to 10 weeks after the patient has recovered.  Body fluids of its dead victims can also continue to transmit The Ebola Virus. Until there is a cure, Testing food sources for the virus, good hygiene and quarantine of those infected are the best preventions.

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