Is There A Suicide Gene?

By The Prophet of Life

Is there a gene for suicide? A groundbreaking medical discovery could answer the question. A team of Doctors at Johns Hopkins University have identified a genetic bio marker that can accurately predict the risk of committing suicide. The marker indicates a person’s vulnerability to the effects of stress and anxiety. The marker is in a gene known as the SKA2 gene.

One of the functions of SKA2 is to create responses to stress and / or anxiety. The body reacts by sending stress hormones to help counteract the stress or anxiety.  Which usually causes a fight or flight response and forces people to work towards a solution to the thing that is causing the stress or anxiety.

 People with the genetic marker have an increase in a group of chemicals known as methyl, which impairs the genes function, thereby never shutting off the switch that sends the stress hormones. This increases the impact each and every stress has on the fear center in the brain. This modification, can, over time, become permanent, causing an increase in anxiety, mental disorders and even suicidal behavior.

Most people cope with stress through sublimation, thinking of or engaging in solutions to the cause of the stress or in a pleasurable activity to counteract the unpleasant feelings that come with stress or anxiety. People with the marker can become over stressed, anxiety ridden or have suicidal thoughts.

Researchers studied blood samples from 325 participants and were able to predict, within 80-90% accuracy, whether a person had thoughts of suicide or attempted suicide by the presence of the genetic biomarker. In the future this information could be used to determine if someone has a predisposition for suicidal thoughts or behavior. In time, there could a blood test for suicide or even be treatment developed that could cure the chemical imbalance that causes the genetic bio marker, thereby lessening the anxiety and  reducing suicide rates across the globe.

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