Joan Rivers 1933-2014, A Personal Tribute

By The Prophet of Life

Joan Alexandra Molinsky was born in Brooklyn NY during the Great Depression.

Although she is currently known for her biting and risqué jokes at others expense, which made her a pioneer of contemporary stand-up comedy, originally, her humor was very self-effacing. Somewhere during the 1970s-80’s she developed the character Heidi Abramowitz, who, along with her husband Edgar was the butt of a lot of her jokes.

She graduated college in 1952, had various jobs and went into standup comedy in the early 1960s changing her stage name to Joan Rivers and playing in various nightclubs around Manhattan.

1965 was a pivotal year for Joan. She had a stint on the popular TV show Candid Camera and, after being turned down several times, was accepted to do a standup routine on very popular late night TV show: The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. After that appearance, she became a working comedian, sometimes writing comedy, sometimes narrating films or animation, acting in plays or movies and all the while continuing with stand up.

In the late 1970’s she began appearing in Las Vegas. In the 1980’s she recorded popular comedy albums, wrote best-selling books and guest hosted on The Tonight Show when Johnny Carson was on vacation. In 1986 she was offered a job hosting a nightly talk show but it was opposite her mentor Johnny Carson. Her husband and manager was supposed to tell Carson about the move but never did. Carson found out on his own and once he did, he never talked to Joan again. He also banned her from the Tonight Show.

Less than a year after The Late Show with Joan Rivers began Fox wanted to fire her husband a producer of the show. Joan stood up for him and Fox fired them both. Three months later, Joan’s Husband Edgar Rosenberg committed suicide. He left suicide notes in the form of cassette tapes for Joan and their daughter Melissa.

From 1989-1994 Joan had her own daytime talk show The Joan Rivers Show which won a Daytime Emmy Award. She also hosted various Awards Show pre show programs for the E TV network. She had many plastic surgeries and somewhere along the line, her eyes looked a bit different. At first, Joan was the butt of many other comedian’s jokes but over time, the world grew to accept her “different” look. In the years since 2000, Joan appeared in several episodes of the TV show Nip Tuck, won Celebrity Apprentice, Co-hosted E Television’s Fashion Police and Starred in the WE TV Reality TV Show Joan & Melissa, Joan Knows Best.

Joan Rivers was a one in a million comedian. She was multi-talented as a writer, narrator and comedian. She probably made me laugh out loud more times than anyone I have ever seen live or on television. I know the world will miss her but I will always have a special place in my heart for Joan. It has been said that heaven holds a special place for people who make the world laugh. I know that Joan is as big a star there as she was here.

Copyright 2014 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.


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