What The Ray Rice Saga Says About Domestic Violence in America

By The Prophet of Life

Today Ray Rice will likely file an appear to his indefinite suspension by the NFL. If he does, he will likely win it. Under the Player Agreement, the NFL can only punish a player once for an offense. They don’t have the power to make the punishment more stringent after the fact. Once eligible, the question then becomes, what team would sing Rice and the baggage he carries?  By now, you have probably seen the brutal video of NFL Football Player Ray Rice’s s knockout punch to his then, fiancée, now wife, Janay. You have likely heard her heartbreaking twitter message. Both went viral. The airwaves and internet are clogged with people expressing their opinion about everything involved with this saga. It’s about time that the issue of domestic violence became front and center of national debate. It is more likely, however, judging by the way the media works, this issue will get its fifteen minutes of fame and then fade away until the next celebrity wife bashing. It is likely that not much will be accomplished, little will change and domestic violence will continue behind closed doors.

No matter how you feel about the violent event, the NFL reaction and his wife’s twitter message there are some lessons that may still be gleaned from this saga. It is important that both the beater and the beaten get help. They both need to work on addressing their issues. She as a victim. He as a victimizer. It is important that Ray Rice get meaningful, psychiatric help and address the issues that cause him to do this. It is important that his wife gets help that not only addresses the trauma associated with what he did to her but also helps her to know and understand the aspects of victimization that are playing a part in her recovery period. They should be separated and he should have to work his way back to her by working through his issues under professional supervision.  And, if after the work is completed by both of them they mutually decide to stay together, so be it. If not, so be it.

Regarding Ray Rice’s once promising NFL career, if he does the work and there is an authentic change in his soul, he should be given a second chance. Punishing someone for the rest of their lives doesn’t change anyone. It only hardens them and makes them bitter. Punishment without the hope of a second chance doesn’t rehabilitate, it only alienates.

In True Faith,

The Prophet of Life

Copyright 2014 Love Force International Publishing. All Rights Reserved.


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