First U.S. Ebola Case May Have Spread Due to Human Error

By The Prophet of Life

Dallas Texas- Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola Case diagnosed in the U.S. reported to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas two days before he was brought there in an ambulance. Health care workers there didn’t communicate that he was from Liberia and that he had Ebola like symptoms, so he was sent home. During the two day period he came into contact with 15 people including school children, who in turn came into contact with about 80 others.

The relatives Duncan came to visit have been ordered not to leave their home under threat of criminal prosecution. All of the other people who came into contact with Duncan or the people who came into contact with him during that period are being sought for testing and monitoring.

This isn’t supposed to happen in a nation that boasted of a robust health care system and procedures in place to protect public health. True, there are isolation units at hospitals around the nation but all it takes is a simple miscommunication or some human error and a few people slipping through the cracks and you can end up with a traveling epidemic. A traveling epidemic has the potential to explode in nuclear proportions.

Hopefully all of the people who contacted Duncan and the people Duncan came into contact with will be found. Hopefully, no one is infected and if anyone is infected, they don’t slip through the cracks. Hopefully we are seeing an isolated incident that will a patient who will be cured and then fall off of the headlines instead of witnessing the beginnings of a nationwide epidemic.

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