Corruption, Scandal and Resignation at The School District Controlled by A Group of Billionaires

By The Prophet of Life

I’m going to tell you a story about a school district I have been following. It’s a good sized district in the Western United States. For the past decade it has been struggling to wrest control away from a group of billionaires who have decided to spend money buying school board elections. The School Board races for this district are among the most expensive in the nation almost always costing millions of dollars to win a seat that pays about $50,000 a year.

A few years ago, the billionaires were able to put a Superintendent in place that would do their bidding in a big way. He called himself a Doctor but he got a doctorate with 9 units of work instead of the normal 45. He actively advocated spending a billion dollars to buy computers for the district using funds earmarked for improving buildings, while holding stock in the computer company. He also appeared to have given that company preferential status in the bidding for the billion dollar contract. When the local press grumbled about that, he sold the stock but its uncertain if he sold it outright at a tidy profit or if he sold it to a “friend” for $1 with the thought of buying it back at some advantageous point in the future.

This industrious Superintendent also hired a slew of outside contractors to solve a lot of district problems. He “improved” an already well functioning district attendance and record keeping system with a “New” more expensive one that never quite did what it was supposed to. He took a sex scandal at one school and turned it into a district witch hunt where he put teachers in district jail for being accused of anything by anybody. He also advocated and sponsored laws at the state level to instantly fire teachers for merely being accused of any wrongdoing without due process.

A typical example is a teachers put in teacher jail is a teacher who failed two students. The students accused him of hitting them in front of a class full of students. When school administrators interviewed the class full of “witnesses” none of them saw the teacher hitting anyone.. One of his two accusers retracted her statement and told an administrator that she and other student made up the story to get the teacher fired because he failed them. The teacher was cleared by the school administration but when the mother of the accusing student who didn’t recant her story showed up at a meeting with a Assistant Superintendent and complained, the teacher was put in teacher jail.

Today, that Superintendent is supposed to resign. The School Board members who’s elections were paid for by the billionaires and who collaborated with him are still in power. They are thinking of bringing in the guy that this Superintendent replaced as an interim Superintendent. He was forced to resign because he was being paid $100.000 a year extra as a “consultant” to a book company that the district buys books from. He was also accused to sexually harassing an employee who worked under him. The district still named a school after him. Until the School Board members who collaborated with the corruption of the resigning Superintendent are replaced, the corruption will not end with his departure.

From The Kindle Book: Classroom Confessions:
Copyright 2014 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.


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