A Historical Moment: Space vehicle to Land On A Comet Today

By The Prophet of Life
Today there will be an attempt at a first in human history. The European Space Agency (ESA), will attempt to land a small spacecraft on the surface of a comet traveling at 84,000 miles per hour. The attempt is part of the Rosetta Stone Project. The ESA launched the unmanned spacecraft 10 years ago. It traveled 311 million miles to catch up with this comet.

The small spacecraft launched from the Rosetta will attempt to harpoon itself onto the comet which is only about 4 miles in diameter. If the small spacecraft does not harpoon itself onto a boulder or on a steep incline or decline it should hang on. If it does, it will likely be unsuccessful. It is flying in the dark to a place no one has ever been.

The small spacecraft will collect data from and take photos of the comet’s surface. The data will be used to analyze and improve what humanity knows about comets. The Rosetta has taken photos of this comet before, yesterday, as a matter of fact but it has not landed. And hopefully, will today.

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