The Small Government Agency Responsible for Many of the World’s Innovative Technologies.

By The Prophet of Life

You may have never heard of it but you use the things it invented everyday. The things many people can’t do without today were invented by this government department. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or DARPA, has, in fact, single handedly changed the world as we used to know it.

Can you imagine your computer without the user friendly graphic interface you take for granted? Those who were around in the time of the original office computers remember just a screen and words. No Pictures. DARPA invented the graphic interface. Can you imagine your life without the internet, GPS and cell phones? DARPA invented those things too.

All of the things DARPA invented were originally used by the military and then, later brought out for consumers. These things keep America on the cutting edge of technology and help make it a world leader. What is DARPA’s latest technology? Drones are little flying machines controlled by a joystick. The same machine film makers and Netflix are fighting to use to film and deliver merchandise. DARPA has been using those to kill selected terrorist targets for years.

DARPA is where about 140 geniuses go to use their creativity and a big budget to make their ideas into a reality. It is a reality that changes the world. So next time you see something new and exciting you should remember DARPA. Because chances are, DARPA probably created it.

Copyright 2014 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.


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