A Matter of Perspective

Three old men were sitting on a bus bench. To pass the time they had a conversation comparing how hard their childhoods were. While the first two old men were talking, the third just sat listening.
The first old man said “When I a kid, I had to walk three miles to school every morning.”
The second old man said “I had to walk four miles.”
The first old man said “There were no traffic signals, I risked my life crossing the street.”
The second old man said: “You had streets? I had dirt roads. I risked my life with every step I took because a car could run me over at any time.”
The first old man, who was by now upset said: “I had to walk in sub zero, freezing temperatures!”
The second old man said “I did too and our weather was so cold, my jacket froze!”
The first old man, figuring out how the second old man bested him chimed in: “You had Jackets!”
The second old man replied: “Yes we had jackets but I was so poor my jacket was made out of paper bags.”
The first old man, in an obviously lame attempt to best the second one shouted: “Yeah? Well, when I was a kid I walked to school in temperatures so cold my shoes froze!”
To which the second old man replied: “You had shoes?”
The Third old man, who had been sitting quietly during the conversation suddenly spoke; “You had feet?”

He opened his jacket and revealed two legs cut off at the knee caps.

Sometimes we look at life from the perspectives of our own problems and in so doing, ignore how fortunate we really are.

—The Prophet of Life

Copyright 2014 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.


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