Update: Corruption, Scandal and Resignation at The School District Controlled by A Group of Billionaires

The FBI raided the headquarters of the School District (LAUSD) in the article at a behest of a Federal grand Jury Investigation into the possible misuse of public funds in a 1.3 billion dollar exclusive computer purchase with Apple Computers and Pearson Education. Public funds are supposed to be spent for contracts through an open bidding process. There appeared to be close ties between the Superintendent that resigned and executives at both Apple & Pearson which could have given them preferential treatment during the bidding process, if in fact, there was a bidding process.

FBI Agents seized 20 boxes of documents which included reports, contracts, agreements, meeting notes and agendas, consent forms, score sheets, notepads, notebooks and binders.

If incriminating evidence is found the former Superintendent (John Deasy), Members of The LAUSD Board of Education and executives from Apple and Pearson could face indictment. The Billionaires who financed them would likely never be indicted because, billionaires are never indicted. The current Superintendent The one mentioned in the original article as a likely successor, moved to suspend further roll out of the Ipads to 27 more schools.
See The Original Article:

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