Taliban Gunman Attack A School Leaving Scores Dead

By The Prophet of Life

It’s 10:00 A.M. in Peshawar in Northwestern Pakistan. School is in session. There’s a first aid class being taught in the main auditorium. Some para military men are seen passing through a nearby cemetery and then, over a back wall into the school. The men stroll casually down a walkway and then split up.

Suddenly, they begin throwing hand grenades shooting. Children dive into bushes trying to evade cross fire in a walkway. A couple of gunmen enter the main auditorium. The teacher of the first aid class tells the children to duck and lie down. The gunmen stroll down the aisle of the auditorium, indiscriminately shooting children who are lying down, in the head. They enter classrooms and shoot students and teachers.

After a while, Pakistani commandos enter the school and engage the men in paramilitary uniforms. An open gun battle erupts and it takes several hours for them to subdue the attackers. Some die of their gunshot wounds, others blow themselves up. In the end all nine attackers are killed. 136 students and nine teachers at the school were also killed. Bodies were strewn in hallways, classrooms, in walkways and bushes but the largest number were in the main auditorium.

The Taliban took credit for the attack. Claiming it was in retaliation for Pakistani military on Taliban positions in attacks in North Western Pakistan. Hundreds of Taliban fighters are thought to have been killed in a recent offensive. The Taliban has been attacking Pakistan since 2007. The attacks have left hundreds of women and children dead. Pakistan has long been lukewarm towards ousting terrorist groups like The Taliban and Al Qaeda from its borders. In September Army Chief Gen. Raheel Sharif launched an offensive against Taliban and Al Qaeda operatives in Northwestern Pakistan.

Copyright 2014 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.


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