Is President Obama’s Life Is in Danger?

President Obama did a heroic and controversial thing yesterday. He publicly announced a thawing in relations between The United States of America and The Nation of Cuba. Cuba has long been at odds with The United States.

The Communist Government of Fidel Castro who rose to power through violent revolution, has been on bad terms with the United States since its inception. Castro took away land and assets from those who were successful under the democratic but corrupt government that preceded him. The Castro Government was repressive with dissenters, homosexuals and anyone who didn’t fall into line with communist ideals. Many left via raft and left all of their properties and / or belongings behind in the process.

A majority of Cubans who currently live in the United States are either victims of the Castor Regime or descendents of victims. Some are zealots for ridding Cuba of Fidel Castor, all remnants of his government and restoring Cuba to freedom. Mr. Obama’s actions upset them. Sometimes, when zealots get upset, they act out.

I am not singling Cuba Americans out as being bad or as being zealots. The majority
are warm, friendly people and model citizens but there are zealots among them just as there are zealots in any community. Mr. Obama has some enemies and any one of them could use this as an opportunity to make an attempt on his life and try and blame it on the Cuban-American Community.

If you think that this logic is far fetched, look at recent history. It took courage for Mr. Obama to implement this thaw in relations between America and Cuba. People who make courageous steps towards peace with former enemies often have zealots make attempts on their lives. It happened to Anwar Sadat. It Happened to Shimon Perez. The recent track record of The Secret Service hasn’t instilled confidence in the Government’s ability to protect The President.

It is because of these things that I believe The President’s life is in danger. I urge The American Government to do everything in its power to protect The President. I Urge the Secret Service, FBI, CIA and every policing agency in America to be extra diligent. It’s not easy writing a blog about a subject like this but in doing so; I am, in my way, doing what I can to protect The President.

In True Faith,
The Prophet of Life

Copyright 2014 Love Force International Publishing Company. All Rights Reserved.


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