Insight into The Isis Hostages

By The Prophet of Life
The people running ISIS are demanding Jordan to give them a female terrorist Sajida al-Rishawi for two hostages, Jordanian Pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh, and Japanese Journalist Kenji Goto They are not giving Jordan proof of life for their pilot. Chances are, their pilot is either dead or being held by another group out of ISIS control.

ISIS, which has been declining in recent months, first tried to demand $200,000,000 for the return of Kenji Goto and another Japanese hostage. When the money didn’t come on time ISIS reportedly beheaded the other Japanese hostage (though they didn’t put a video of the beheading on You Tube as they often do. ISIS needed the $200,000,000 because the drop in oil prices and cutting off of various other sources of money has hampered their operational abilities.

The deadline for Jordan to release Sajida al-Rishawi has come and gone. Jordan stated it has no intention of releasing her unless and until they get proof of life for their pilot. Rishawi is still behind prison walls.

Terrorist Sajida al-Rishawi a failed suicide bomber. She walked into a hotel in Amman Jordan one day in 2005 and tried to set off a bomb strapped to her but it was a dud. ISIS likely wants her back to give her another target. Jordanian Pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh, was shot down over Syria last month while participating in a coalition attack on ISIS positions in Syria. He ejected from his plane and landed safely but was trapped and captured by ISIS forces. Japanese Journalist Kenji Goto went to ISIS Held parts of Syria to do in depth reporting on what ISIS. He thought they would welcome his reporting as Japan was neutral in regards to ISIS but they took him prisoner instead.

The fate of all three people hangs in the balance as does the fate of ISIS. ISIS just doesn’t know it yet.

In Ture Faith,
The Prophet of Life


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