How A Law Passed in Britain Could Change the Future for Babies and Humanity

The British parliament passed a law recently that would allow three person babies. The law would allow the mitochondrial DNA from one woman to replace the mitochondrial DNA of another created a baby that essentially had two mothers and one father. Why would there be a need for two mothers and one father?

In cases where the genetic material for a severely debilitating or lethal disease is in the mitochondrial DNA of the embryo of the mother, The mitochondrial DNA from another woman, without any catastrophic or debilitating diseases could replace the “bad” mitochondrial DNA in the mother’s embryo. That embryo combined with the sperm of a male could produce a baby free of the disease.

The law was passed in the House of Commons and still must pass in the House of Lords (it is expected to pass with no problems). This will put British medicine on the cutting edge of pediatric medicine. It will cause parents whose embryos have a disease to seek treatment in the UK. It will, in time improve millions of lives and change the future for millions of babies.

There are many religious groups against this law. They claim it is the gateway to designer babies. They claim that altering a babies genetic material is altering the future God had planned for them and defying the will of God. I am telling you, those who think that way are wrong. If God didn’t want humanity to use DNA to cure disease, God would not have allowed it’s discovery or all of the wealth of scientific discoveries as a result of studying DNA. This law and Scientific advances in the Study of DNA are all part of God’s plan and do lead to a higher purpose. Humanity just does not see what that purpose is at this point in time.

The British law marks a turning point in the history of humanity. In time, other laws will be passed by many nations which will help eliminate diseases, diminish human suffering and improve billions of future lives. It will relieve the potentially afflicted of disease but it will also lead their families from the additional burdens of caring for children with catastrophic illness. It will, in time allow this relief for parents and children from all socio economic groups, and in all nations. It is true that some of those who survive and thrive as a result of this law and others that will be passed in the future will be horrible people. It is also true that some will make history making contributions to humanity.

Genetic advances and the legislators bold enough to enact laws that take advantage of them, have the potential to, through improving lives, change the face of humanity as we know it. They have the potential to not only eliminate disease but also poverty, illiteracy and prejudice. This will not happen, however, until humanity changes it’s mindset and uses these tools that God has placed before us to make the world a better place, a place without disease, war, famine, poverty and ignorance. It will take humanity changing its thinking and rising to the challenges ahead by raising its spiritual vibrations. It may be law. It may be science but in reality it is spirit. When humanity reaches the spiritual enlightenment that truly desires all of these things for all people, these things will become a global reality.

In True Faith,
The Prophet of Life

Copyright 2015, Love Force International Publishing. All Rights Reserved.


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