Teacher Commits Suicide in Classroom

By The Prophet of Life

It’s 8:00 a.m. in the sleepy community of Placentia California. A group of students wait for their teacher to open the door to her classroom. As the minutes pass, the door remains closed. Student s just know she must be inside because some of them have seen her car parked on campus. They ask a nearby teacher to let them in the class. He obliges.

Upon entering, they see their beloved teacher hanging from a light fixture. While the teacher dials 911, two students, who can’t bear to see their teacher like this, get her lifeless body down and lay it gently on the floor. Some students begin weeping, others just stare in disbelief. In a short while paramedics arrive check her vitals, pronounce her dead and cart her body away lake a sack of potatoes.

31 year old Jillian Jacobson was a popular teacher known as a caring soul. She was always bright and cheerful although the suicide of her father just two years ago seemed to trouble her. She even taught a unit on depression for her Freshmen recently and told the class that “Suicide was not the answer”.

The affected students received counseling. District administrators talked about what a tragedy her death was but no one knows why Ms. Jacobson killed herself. Officials aren’t 100% sure if she did kill herself as there was no note left at the scene. One thing is sure, a good teacher is dead, a light in the lives of many children is snuffed out and nobody knows why.

From This Book:


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