What is A New Age Revelations Ministry?

The Prophet of Life Ministries are The New Age Revelations Ministry. We are dedicated to spreading new messages from God given to The Prophet of Life. We are not a religion. We don’t build houses of worship. We don’t ask for donations. We are a group of individuals who are spreading “The Word”.

We are different because The Prophet of Life is an actual Prophet of God. Unlike his predecessor Prophets, he has written things down to avoid confusion. The Prophet of Life has been given new information which has not been given to other Prophets.

Some of the things revelaed to he Prophet of Life include:

1. God communicates with everyone.
2. All that is The Lord cannot be revealed to one Prophet.
3. God communicates info to humanity in increments over millennia.
4. Humanity gets new messages when we can understand them.
5. This is one such time.
6. Humanity has a life cycle. We are changing from one phase to another.
7. The Prophet of Life revelations will help guide us through these times.
8. There is a Spiritual DNA that is similar to physical DNA.
9. There shall be 13 Major Prophets. The Prophet of Life is #6.
10. There is a unity of Prophecy between All of God’s Major Prophets.

About The Prophet of Life Ministries:
The Prophet of Life Ministries are an internet based, global electronic ministry which focuses on the teachings of The Prophet of Life.. We don’t ask for donations. We won’t send anyone to your door to try and convert you. We are not telling you to quit your religion. We are merely presenting new information that you can apply in your personal relationship with God.

The Prophet of Life Ministries include:

Revelations Ministry- Spreading messages From God contained in Revelations of 2012, The Path of Possibilities (ISBN: 978-1-93646200-1) throughout the world. A Kindle book: Finding God in A Chaotic World is also avalable: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SLLZAAU/ref=r_soa_s_i

The Prophet of Life Ministries Are:
People of Faith Ministry- An Interfaith Ministry spreading the teachings of The Prophet of Life to people of all faiths.
People of God Ministries- A Ministry for agnostics who have not joined or don’t believe in organized religion.
Global Issues Pulpit- The Prophet of Life’s writings on current events, news stories, and secular issues which affect humanity.
Change Agents For Humanity: People of all faiths making positive changes in the world.
Global Liberation Initiative: People of all faiths praying, and taking action to end slavery, free non- violent political prisoners, and abolish debtors prisons across the globe.

Who Is The Prophet Of Life?
Over a period of years, The Lord revealed a series of messages to The Prophet of Life. These messages were on topics such as life, the afterlife, why suffering exists in the world, the meaning of 2012, some prophecies and revelations never before revealed to humanity. The Prophet of Life wrote these messages down and put them in book form and entitled it: Revelations of 2012. Numerous other messages have been captured as quotes, and songs. All of these are available on this website. In his travels, the Prophet of Life has met many individuals whom he has inspired and who have inspired him. He includes pages where you can explore the wisdom that they have to share with the world.
The Prophet of Life is non denominational. The Prophet of Life loves and respects all religions equally as they are all expressions of love and devotion to God. The Prophet of Life believes that The Lord communicates with everyone but that many do not know or were not taught how to listen. Part of The Prophet of Life’s mission is to teach humanity how to listen. The Prophet of Life’s many writings contain both inspiration and messages from God and observations on, and reflections of, the human condition.
How To Find More Information:
Follow the link below:

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